James Sparkes


Breezie is an Android OS made for the Elderly and disabled markets. Partnered with Samsung they are supplied customised Samsung tablets to resell with their own branding and OS installed for a simple solution for getting elderly people using the internet.

This is the main home screen for Breezie. It was designed to put the things that matter first with large images of family members for contacts, a welcome message and the ability to add or remove tiles.

Working alongside another visual designer we were tasked with a major redesign of the operating system. We spent a great deal of time researching the best approach for the visuals and interaction for our demographic and documenting and designing to our findings.

We gathered data from multiple resources including tablet data of our active users, focus groups consisting of both current users and non-users to gauge reaction to new features and designs, frst-hand research and experimentation and information gathered from technical support teams.

Breezie was moving into the B2B market in the US selling wholesale to care homes and needed a new website made. I designed the responsive website to be modular and suggested we could update the old UK website at the same time by using the same framework I made for the US website.

Samsung requested a UI and system to be designed to allow for care homes in the US to easily create workfows which would link Samsung SmartThings with the Breezie OS giving users the ability to interact with objects in their rooms and notify staff of any problems.

I worked on the UX and visual design alongside working with the CTO who was designing the system and backend technologies ready to be presented to Samsung. The system would also link to smart watches worn by residents that could notify workers of any falls or unusual activity, this worked alongside the sensors in the room which monitored their activity within the room through unobtrusive means, sending alerts only when certain parameters were met (such as not moving for a long time in certain rooms)

Breezie would intergrate with Samsung's Gear S2 smart watches to deliver information, alerts and updates to both resident of the care homes and staff.


During my time there the tablet being used changed, this meant the packaging needed to be redesigned to accomodate the new tablet sizes 10 and 7 inch and the new accessories. I liased with a printer and researched the best box design for our audience and designed the box use CAD software making sure everything would fit. I then worked closely with the printer and project manager on prototypes seeking the best experience to cost ratio.

I was tasked with redesigning the packaging for the Argos venture. This called for a different (Bush) tablet to be used which resulted in me needing to redesign the packaging, the user guide and any included documents.

The user manual for the Archos Breezie needed to be redesigned at a different size to fit in the box and the diagrams needed to be redrawn to reflect the new hardware. Along with this a lot of the copy needed to be updated also.

I also produced various pieces of marketing materials