James Sparkes


FabricOS was a data analytics platform targeted towards brand managers for large companies as a dashboard to manage and create reports from multiple sources like websites and social network pages.

Working with a UX designer we both were tasked with redesigning the UI and UX of the existing platform which had various problems with setting up the dashboard and searching for metrics. We worked together on overcoming these issues producing various iterations of the UX and interaction design.

During my time working on the product I was also tasked with various smaller projects which involved adding new features such as the ability to add annotations to graphs. This was challenging as it had to work seamlessly across desktop and tablet as tablet was the most widely used device for the product according to analytics.

Some of the main parts I worked on was adding new features such as commenting on graphs and improving the search functionality so that it was easier and more intuitive to use.

One of the features was complex to integrate as FabricOS was mostly used on tablets, adding the ability to select and comment on specific points of data would have been easy with the accuracy of a mouse however I had to overcome some problems to integrate this.