James Sparkes


While at FabricWW I worked on the KFC campaign. This covered a lot of different things from artworking for campaigns, illustration, apparel design, to high-end photo retouching for the redesign of the UK KFC website

A Campaign was done with the help of some of the biggest KFC fans and I designed the tote bags that were given to those fans and some select individuals who won a competition.

One of the main aspects to working on KFC was a huge amount of social media posts being made. I worked alongside an art director and copywriter to bring to life concepts for the wide range of social marketing and online advertising needed.

I retouched many of the photos that were taken for the new UK website redesign

During the redesign of the KFC website I was tasked with concepting the new product photography used throughout the website. These illustrations also came in useful for presenting wireframes to KFC as the new design was very photo-heavy.